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I was aware that NECC was happening this week and feeling a little blue that my current circumstances prohibit me from just picking up and flying off to another cool conference.  Then I came across David Warlick’s great blog post called Gathering the Information at NECC, which explained how I could set up a search on Technoratti for the NECC09 tag and then subscribe to the search results via RSS.  It was like importing the NECC conversations into my Google Reader.  I was amazed at how many people were blogging their notes and reflections on the keynote speakers and individual sessions.  Here are some of my favourite finds from NECC 2009:

EdubloggerCon 2009 Reflections by Jeff Utecht.  I thought this post gave a very good overview of the main topics of discussion and some insight into the dynamics of EdubloggerCon.

Putting Gladwell’s Compensatory Model into Practice or NECC 09 Keynote Part 2! by Liz Davis.  This post describes the results of a brainstorming session aimed at figuring out what the Compensatory Model would actually look like.  Some interesting ideas and a nice way to move the conversation forward rather than getting stuck on whether or not he should have talked about Fleetwood Mac for most of the keynote.

Classroom 2.0: What is Web 2.0’s Role in Schools? I don’t know how Wesley Fryer managed to capture so much of the conversation in his notes (he obviously types faster than I do)?  He does a great job summarising the key points from a panel discussion that included Chris Lehmann, Julie Lindsay, Darren Draper, David Jakes, Steve Hargadon and Sylvia Martinez.  He also does a great job summarising the Tony Vincent presentation called Do So Much with an Ipod Touch.  The amount of details in his posts is amazing.  I suspect it has something to do with the meticulous way he prepared for NECC.

Thank you to all the NECC attendees who so willingly shared their sessions and reflections online.  I really enjoyed following along.

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  1. I’m glad you found my post Wes. I have been following you for a while now and really appreciate the effort you put into sharing your ideas and resources. I will check out ISTEconnects.

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