Professional Development Meme 2009

(This will be my last blog post for the summer.  It is time to hang out with my family and attend to my non-digital network.   I’ll be back in September)

I was indirectly tagged with this meme because I read Claire Thompson’s blog post on this subject and thought that putting my summertime pro-d aspirations down in a blog post was probably a good idea considering my inclination towards taking on too much.

My normal approach to summer pro-d is to randomly plug away at anywhere from 5 to 10 projects that usually get left to the last minute as a result of summertime distractions.  My hope for this summer is to focus on a few projects and actually accomplish them (along with moving house).  So here are the projects I will prioritize:

  • Help plan and organize for the ISABC summer institute with Alan November.  In particular my goals are to: 1)set up a diigo group for the institute with a tag list and then embed diigo links in the institue wiki by subject and age level; 2)use the institute wiki to collaboratively plan the events for each day of the institute; 3) populate the institute ning with relevant and provocative (?) discussion topics.
  • Move all of my gr6 to 9 technology lessons to a central wiki location so that they are easier to share.  As part if this process I plan to write up each lesson properly using the Understanding By Design process.
  • Submit conference proposals to CUEBC and k12online.  I have in mind a presentation that starts by looking at how the nature of information has changed and how Diigo can be used as a powerful resource for finding, annotating and sharing resources.

Other projects I would like to undertake (but won’t commit to in this blog post) include:

  • Planning my math 7 lessons.  My goal for this year is to use the Mathletics learning platform and a class blog to differentiate instruction and give my students as much ownership of their own learning as possible.  On the blog I plan on supporting classroom instruction with instructional powerpoints and links to online activities and tutorials.  I’m hoping to find a lot of these over the summer.
  • Reading Clay Shirky’s “Here comes everybody”
  • Learn more about managing WordPress and WordPress MU so that I can do more with our school blogs.

OK, I know this is too much.  My next plan is to map out a possible schedule for completion and see what is really possible.  Maybe I’ll link it to this post as a way to keep myself honest.

Like Claire I can’t bring myself to point the finger at anyone else, so I will finish by borrowing her words:

If you are reading this, first off thanks!  Secondly, if you haven’t been tagged already and think you’d like to participate, then consider yourself tagged ;-)

(note: this post was written in Evernote on my iTouch while hanging out with my daughter.  I am constantly amazed at what this little computer can accomplish.)

4 thoughts on “Professional Development Meme 2009

  1. You are ambitious! That’s a very commendable list, Phil. I like how you managed to sneak more than 3 goals in – I’m having trouble narrowing it down myself! Have a good summer!

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  3. Phil, first off, I’m glad that you took on this meme; shows that the “tag yourself” approach can work 😉 Secondly, I have to agree with Errin; what an ambitious list! Good luck with your CUEBC and k12online proposals; I’ve never attended the CUEBC conference, but am thinking that this might be the year… Here’s hoping you have a great summer!

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