I believe strongly in giving my students choices and empowering them to take control of their own education. My job is to carefully craft a framework that gives them the support, structure and skills they need to make informed decisions.

My name is Phil Macoun.  I wear many hats.  I currently work as a math 7 and MYP technology teacher at Aspengrove School on Vancouver Island.  I  also provide technology integration support to the teachers in our K-12 school and enjoy the chance to share my excitement about technology and particularly web 2.0 and open source technologies.  I am also moving into a new role where I hope to provide the support and frameworks necessary for teachers to plan and deliver meaningful collaborative and cross-disciplinary units that foster critical inquiry skills.

I am an avid canoeist and see this blog as a quiet eddy in which I can contemplate the different challenges and successes that I have navigated and think about the next steps.  In particular I am going to be writing about my experiences getting more involved with global collaborative projects; trying to facilitate change; and exposing my school community to web 2.0 tools without overwhelming them.

My hope is also to use this space to clarify my thinking regarding the essential ingredients for success when trying to implement some of the projects mentioned above.

I can be contacted at phil.macoun [at] gmail [dot] com

A little bit about how I learn …

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  1. Hi Phil
    Thanks for your recent article about Inquiry in a Digital Environment. I am working with a staff whose school-wide focus is on Engagement and this is a very nice segue into summer reflections about what engagement means to them personally! You’ve offered a very readable summary of Roland’s ideas on Critital Thinking and Inquiry.Thank you!

  2. Hey Phil, Alex and I were just looking at your blog and we came across your video about being a “boundary learner”. I’d never heard that expression before, but I like it. Expanding the boundaries is how we grow. Thanks for posting the video.

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