Global Collaboration Course

January 6 to 11 

It has never been easier to connect classrooms around the world, and lots of teachers are doing it in different ways. In this course we will explore how you can turn a connection into a global learning experience for your students. We will look at ways to make this experience authentic and real, and discuss what it takes to collaborate with other classes in other countries. Ultimately our contention is that authentic global collaboration has less to do with the tools and more to do with approaches to teaching and learning.

As part of this course you will have a chance to examine the different global collaborative opportunities available to teachers, and explore the teacher skills, student skills and appropriate pedagogy needed to turn those connections into an authentic, collaborative learning experience.  We will also review some of the tools that help classrooms connect effectively.

The course has been designed by Phil Macoun (@pmacoun) and Brad Ovenell-Carter (@braddo).  Phil has participated in the Digiteen project for 4 years and is currently enrolled in the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher program.  Brad spent last year as head of Think Global, a school where students explore our world, studying in three new international cities each academic year.

We are also very excited to have Julie Lindsay joining us for a webinar on Saturday January 7th at 4:00 pm PST (click here to find out the time where you live).  You do not have to be registered in the course to attend the webinar.  Julie will be talking about her new book called Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time.

The course is in Moodle and runs from January 6th to 11th.  If you haven’t participated in a Moodle Meet before here’s your chance!  Except for the webinar the course is asynchronous.  This means that you can pop in and out of the course at times that suit you best.

The course should offer something for everyone.  For those new to Global Collaborative Projects there will be information on some of the most useful  tools, a chance to explore different kinds of Global Collaborative Projects, and opportunities to have your questions answered by other educators.  For those that have some experience with these kinds of projects we hope to provide a venue for further discussions about best practice and a chance to network with like minded educators.

To register go here.  The course is free,but you will be prompted to set up an account with LearnNowBC.  LearnNowBC is an entity funded by the BC Ministry of Education to provide professional development opportunities for educators.

Please pass this information along to other educators who may be interested.  If you have any questions about the Moodle Meet please leave them in the comments area below or contact me via e-mail at phil.macoun at gmail dot com.

6 thoughts on “Global Collaboration Course

  1. Theresa, I would love it if you could attend! My hope is to populate the course with educators new to these sorts of projects as well as experienced educators like you. In my experience the value in these sorts of courses is often in the conversations that take place and the connections that are made, and in that regard I think the more mixed the participant base is the better.

  2. Phil, so looking forward to the webinar. Thanks so much for inviting me, I love your sentence, “Ultimately our contention is that authentic global collaboration has less to do with the tools and more to do with approaches to teaching and learning.” It is so true! Let’s move beyond the technology, let’s take global collaboration out of the computer class and embed it into learning across the curriculum……there is so much to say and to share. This course is a great opportunity for educators across the world. Don’t forget to add an invitation to our Flat Classrooms Ning via Events.

  3. Coincidentally, this evening I spoke to someone who teaches in Cambodia and I learnt that she is also registered … it is a small world. There is great energy about this course Phil!

  4. I would love to join in, though it’s a bit late for the webinar. Will it be repeated? Nice to see familiar faces here. I am looking forward to “authentic collaboration” with colleagues and classes around the world as practice has proven what great motivation this is for our students.

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